Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

hardwood resurfacing baltimore md
Hardwood floor resurfacing
is one of our premier services at Fabulous Floors Baltimore. The majority of hardwood floors have regular wear and scratches from everyday use. Daily traffic and life’s events inevitably bring this type of wear to any hardwood floor. Originally, sanding down your floors for a complete refinishing would be the only restorative option for hardwood floors. That’s still an option but is not always the best or most affordable option, and that is where resurfacing comes into play.

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

We restore the original shine of your wood floors without the dust, mess or odor typically associated with hardwood refinishing. A hardwood floor with some visible wear and light scratches is perfect for refinishing. As long as the finish is pretty much intact with no signs of bare wood, and there are no separations or warping between the boards, then your floor is ready to be resurfaced.

Floors with this type of regular wear don’t require the intense labor, time, and expense of a complete hardwood refinishing service. These floors simply need a face-lift and some professional restorative care. We’ve trained all of our technicians in all aspects of hardwood floor resurfacing in Baltimore, MD, and you’ll be able to notice that training as we gently sand and buff away any nicks or scratches that may have occurred in the floors as a result of daily wear and tear. We then apply a coat of high quality, long-lasting polyurethane.

One of the benefits of this service is that it is noninvasive to the flooring and to your family. Hardwood resurfacing does not affect the color or integrity of the wood. It also does not create airborne dust or fumes, and it is completely Green, meaning it’s safe for your family, our staff and the environment. There is no reason to vacate your home and no mess to worry about. It is the single most cost-effective value-added home improvement available. We provide our resurfacing service at a fraction of the cost of traditional refinishing! We’ve made our resurfacing process affordable too, only costing 99¢ per square foot. Another benefit is that it can be completed within hours – typically just one day.

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Fabulous Floors Baltimore’s Hardwood Floor Resurfacing System:

  1. Saves money. Hardwood resurfacing costs much less than traditional refinishing.
  2. Instantly adds value to your home. This is especially important when looking to sell.
  3. Saves time. Most Fabulous Floors® resurfacing treatments can be done in a few hours.
  4. Durable finish. Final finish is long-lasting polyurethane. Choice of gloss, semi-gloss or satin.
  5. Better able to withstand the heavy foot traffic. The sealing coat will also help keep the floors cleaner for longer and harbor fewer dust allergens.
  6. Dust-free. There is no mess or airborne dust particles with our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
  7. Get rid of little imperfections. Nicks and scratches in your floors finish are gently sanded without removing precious wood.
  8. We do the work for you. There’s no lugging heavy equipment, purchasing products or spending the time doing it yourself.
  9. Say goodbye to your old floor. You’ll never have to live with worn out hardwood floors again!
  10. Clean. There is absolutely nothing to clean-up after we’re gone.
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